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Day to Day Life

So what’s it like working outside of lab?  Let’s start with my experience working in lab as a graduate student.  I stood for long periods of time, and moved around a lot, from working under the hood, to the cell culture room, and maybe then to another building to use a specialized piec...


Shu Chin

Careers in different fields: a personal prospective: part 2, government

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this blog are those of myself exclusively, and does not reflect or represent the current views and thinking of the FDA. I have heard of a few versions of the acronym for the FDA, including the Federal Drugs Administration and Federal Drugs Association, ...



Plagiarism: Definition and Scope

Hello everyone!  Today’s blog is on a very important topic that I have recently had to deal with as a science writer, plagiarism.Introduction: I have my own business where I work as a publication specialist.  I facilitate the publication of primary research manuscripts at all stages. I m...


Reineke Pohlhaus

What is government contracting and why should I care?

What is government contracting and why should I care? If you have only a vague idea of what is means to “be a contractor” then this blog post is for you.Being a contractor means making my living by providing services (my skills, abilities, and knowledge) to the government and nonprofit sectors. ...


Reineke Pohlhaus

The Best of Both Worlds

I’m a government contractor and I often say that my job is the best of both worlds: being a government employee, and being part of the private sector. Here are the ten reasons why I think being a government contractor is so great:



Listening at Hearings at the FDA

Last month, I attended two days of hearings at the FDA campus in White Oak, MD.  The first day concerned two neuroscience molecules, gabapentin and paroxetine, both being evaluated for the treatment of menopausal vasomotor symptoms.



The Popularity Vote for Scientists

Does the public like science? Do the people trust scientists? Sometimes, I wonder. As a young scientist fresh out of a postdoc, a lot of my friends are also scientists. Of course, many of those friendships were forged over those strenuous years of grad school. My friends and I, we’re like-minded f...



How to write a great recommendation letter – for yourself

The first thing I learned in graduate school had nothing to do with PCR or cell culture. Walking the halls of the lonely ivy-covered ivory tower, I learned that you are your own absolute best (and sometimes, only) advocate. Nobody, not even your kindly mentor/advisor, will look out for you the same ...



Adventures in Science – Venturing Outside Your Comfort Zone

I’d have to say that my favorite kind of science is the interdisciplinary kind. Projects are often collaborative, bringing together folks from different fields. One of my research projects is just that – a combination of cell biology, material science, and high-energy physics. Conveniently, my p...


Ex Lab

High School and the Gender Gap (or How I Almost Gave Up on Science)

Sometimes we know what we want to do in a general way, but have trouble imagining the specifics. I knew I was interested in science and wanted to ‘do science’, but was unsure what that looked like.