Job: Laboratory Technician, Dominican University of California, San Diego, CA

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Laboratory Technician
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San Diego, CA 92115 United States

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Job Description

Position Summary

Dominican University of California is seeking an individual for a Laboratory Technician position. The Laboratory Technician position assumes the responsibility of managing teaching/research laboratory activities and resources to support the mission of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The Technician reports to the Laboratory Manager and participates in departmental meetings as requested.


Management of the Teaching/Research Laboratories

Oversee the general set-up, maintenance, and security of all laboratories and laboratory equipment.
Coordinate with the other teaching/research laboratory technician so that at least one person is available during regular classroom meeting times to aid in finding materials and to perform last minute requests from instructors.
Keep laboratories clean and organized.
Meet with faculty members as needed for instructions on weekly lab set-up and clean-up operations for the teaching laboratories.
Coordinate usage of the lab space/equipment with faculty and visiting personnel.
Participate in committees and provide feedback to the department when required.
Support faculty research projects as needed.
Assist in providing and maintaining regular inventory reports listing the supplies, chemicals, software, and equipment available in the laboratories.
Assist with the ordering of supplies and materials and record order information in a shared database.
Troubleshoot equipment when possible and arrange for repair or replacement of broken equipment.
Support remote learning activities as necessary.
Safety and Training Support

Provide instruction and guidance for work-study students engaged in the stockroom.
Provide lab safety instruction to students, adjunct faculty, and full-time faculty members as directed by the laboratory manager.
Provide safety and equipment-use training to undergraduate research students as requested by faculty members.
Assist in the maintenance of laboratory OSHA and fire/earthquake safety regulations in teaching labs, prep rooms, and storage areas of Science Center.
Help keep SDS database up-to-date for all chemicals.
Assist in the categorization and disposal of laboratory hazardous chemical and biohazards for the Department of Natural Sciences and other departments.

Job Requirements

Baccalaureate or higher degree in Natural Sciences.
Competence in laboratory skills in Natural Sciences.
Broad knowledge across the Natural Sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Sciences.
Strong background in the areas of microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and/or tissue culture.
Experience in the use of science supplies and equipment commonly found in Natural Science laboratories.
Ability to communicate effectively, engage in creative problem solving, and work cooperatively with students, faculty, and other staff.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Proficient in the use of a PC and basic software applications with the ability to troubleshoot common computer hardware and software problems.
Ability to troubleshoot instruments and make basic equipment repairs.
Knowledgeable about hazardous materials and their disposal regulations.
Ability to work flexible hours, possibly including some evenings and weekends.
Willingness to perform additional duties for the Department as needed.

(Job number: 3917107)