Job: Research Scientist I – Fermentation and Biocatalysis, Albany Molecular Research, Albany, NY

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Research Scientist I – Fermentation and Biocatalysis
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Albany, NY 12201 United States

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Job Description

• Sub-culture, purify, and characterize a wide variety of microorganisms, distinguishing microorganisms belonging to major microbial subdivisions such as fungi, actinomycetes, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, etc.
• Develop new protocols for isolation, growth, and screening of microorganisms and fermentation by making appropriate modifications of known methods or modification of conditions under minimal supervision
• Be responsible for conducting fermentations in flasks, plates, and/or fermentors, which includes preparation of medium, seeding, crossing, and extraction if applicable, using literature or in-house standard operating protocols (SOPs).
• Isolate and purify microbial products to an appropriate degree using a variety of known methods. The scientist will be familiar with a range of filtration, extraction, chromatography, and precipitation methods.
• Analyze and help identify compounds using a range of modern analysis, separation and spectroscopic techniques. This will include interpretation of HPLC, LC/MS, GC and GC/MS of moderate complexity.
• Prepare microbial seed vials and/or working cell banks. This includes growing cultures in liquid media, harvesting cells, and checking for their purity. Maintain accurate records and update AMRI strain database.
• Conduct literature searches on new methods of isolation of microorganisms, unique sources of microorganisms that produce active compounds or useful enzymes, and cultural conditions of various microorganisms.
• Organize work time so that several fermentations or projects are run concurrently. Use time efficiently to isolate and grow microorganisms and perform other tasks. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed on a timely basis.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor's degree with major in biochemical engineering, biology, biochemistry or related discipline
• Biohazard/blood-borne pathogen and chemical hazard training
• Ability to regularly lift and/or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 40 pounds, with or without reasonable accommodation
• Master's Degree with major in biochemical engineering, biology; biochemistry, or related discipline
• Relevant industry experience a plus

(Job number: 3916925)