What do you do to motivate your staff?  


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July 30, 2019 8:27 pm  

I just responded to a post in line here about what managers can do to keep good people, and I think that we're not quite getting to the core in that thread. Here, let's post GOOD IDEAS on how you motivate and keep your staff up to speed and excited about their work. I'm a headhunter -- I take calls all day long from disgruntled people who are "looking" and it's my belief that half of them could be saved.

Here's an example;

One of my bosses bought a couple of business books every now and again, or self-improvement tomes, and he'd have an internal department challenge with some piece of work that needed to get done on time and with top notch results. The team that won the books would have a team leader who selected his or her "most valuable players" on the team and give them the books. It was very motivational.


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