Nick Crorcodilis- Alternative Job Searching Efforts--Helping a Networking Group  


Nate W.
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May 8, 2014 11:17 am  

Hi Everyone,

I have been exploring ways to help some scientists in a local networking group which is quite large and diverse. A small group of the scientists in this group, including me, have been exploring new ways to market ourselves because we think the corporate recruiters running the group are giving bad advice. We are finding the old fashion methods of networking and marketing are far more important than resume semantics, keywords, and the online HR application process. The challenges the group often faces are connecting with key managers and expanding their network in an effective way. However, these recruiters, running the group, warn us about networking directly with hiring managers; usurping the HR process.

So we been looking at some material by Nick Corcodilos and watching his webinar at Rutgers. He believes candidates should target companies not ads and write directly to managers (not HR) at those companies. He contends the HR recruiting automation is hindering qualified applicants and shouldn't be counted on. Instead, he suggests writing value proposition letters and ask for informal interviews to talk shop. Show initiative, be proactive, and call these managers directly to address their needs.

Tell me what you think of Nick's videos and P. Cappelli's book: ... -jobs.html ... B09E6CBDC0