Approaching Chemical Manufacturing Companies--Help  


Nate W.
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May 12, 2014 8:33 am  

Hi Everyone,

There are two major Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing companies based here. One of them is right down the street where I live. Both these companies don't have a R&D department and only manufacture chemicals for mostly consumer products.

This company down the street did have a pharmaceutical division that was sold off in the early 90s and this led to the company, Celgene. My goal in approaching this company is about finding a business related position where I can use both my scientific background and patent expertise. I have an extensive background in pharmacology, not organic chemistry, and I am now working as a patent litigation consultant and adjunct professor. About 15 months ago, I started law school part time and then was laid off. This was put on hold until I could find a full time job that offered tuition reimbursement.

After searching the profiles of many employees on LinkedIn and talking with local contacts, I don't know where to start networking with this company. Most of the employees have a background in either marketing, supply chain, and operations. There are numerous VPs with unambiguous titles. There are several VPs of product development that represent various commercial chemical products. Also, there are several general counsel attorneys but none with patent expertise. Even if I was able to gain an informational interview, I don't know what to say I am looking for and how to initiate that conversation. This company is quite confusing in its organization. I am not familiar with these types of manufacturing companies.

However, I did find a LinkedIn profile of a VP of Global Strategic Sourcing with a PhD in Chemistry. I have no contacts who know this individual where I can get a referral first. Any ideas?

Dick, I would like to hear your ideas? Thanks, everyone. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.