Want to upload an Avatar, change your Display Name, set up your Signature?  


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January 10, 2019 8:32 pm  

Sounds like you're ready to get more involved with the Forum, perhaps leave a comment or post a Topic?  That's great!

1. Log into your account and post your first Topic or Comment (don't worry, you'll be anonymous in your first post).  Once you've clicked Add Topic or Add Reply, you'll see your new addition to the Forum magically appear with a dummy Profile to the left.

2. Click on the little Man icon in the lower left of your profile to access Profile Settings.  Then, click on the Account Tab.

3. To set your Avatar (150X150px), you can either specify a URL that holds it, or upload a file. Max file size is 100kb, and formats are either .jpg or .png.

4. To Change your Display Name, put your new Display Name into both the Display Name and Nickname boxes.  Display Names need to comport with the seriousness and professionalism of a career site, or they will be changed to an alternative anonymous name at my discretion.

5. To Set up your Signature, type your preferred signature into the Signature box on this Account Page

Feel free to add a Bio or other information for your profile.  Your colleagues will be able to view your profile information (but NOT your email address) when they click on the little Man icon on your posts!

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