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Dave Jensen
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January 11, 2019 9:44 pm  


Thank you for visiting the Forum, one of the most unique places you can find in the crowded jobs-and-career space for the sciences. Here, we feature a Q&A format that has succeeded, for more than 20 years, in getting people the answers they need to move forward with their career options and perhaps the job search.

Our forum began over 20 years ago when I launched the discussion on a website, now defunct, which was called It ran there for about five years before that site sold their business and we looked for a new home. We were lucky enough to be added to the ScienceCareers website run by the AAAS (the publishers of SCIENCE) for many years.

Beginning in 2019, we have moved to Bio Careers, and it feels like a great match for what we do. We'll shortly be adding some historical posts to the system, so that you can see how the process has worked over the years and get comfortable with how the Forum works. But Bio Careers is a terrific host for the Forum because the content throughout the site matches our mission. We are aligned with many of the top universities, and the services/content that Bio Careers has will indeed support and nourish the Forum as we continue to grow in our new location.

I would like to thank your Forum advisors and frequent posters for their support over the years and for their patience as we worked to find a new home after the AAAS ceased operating our discussion forum. Luckily, we've come to find Bio Careers as a site that will invest in making the Forum much more "modern" than it was in its previous two incarnations. I'll come back and talk to you about these changes and capabilities in another announcement soon. But in the meanwhile, thanks for either coming back or for the choice you made to participate in something new!


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Hi Dave,

I would like to edit a post I made yesterday but I am unable to do so and also unable to send you a more direct message. Can you advise please?


Thank you.


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Nice Journal

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