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Planning My Career

It is not often that one is asked to reflect and share experiences from one’s career.  I, like many others, spend the majority of my time examining and looking toward others who are much farther in their careers than I.  In fact, it might be a bit ridiculous for me to perform this exerci...


Sproul Hoverman

Plan Actively for Your Non-Academic Career

So you’ve obtained, or will a graduate degree in the life sciences, but you know for a certainty that traditional academia is not for you. Do you know what is? If you don’t then this blog is geared towards you.



LinkedIn Debunked – Part I

Hope you are all having a great start for 2013!  If one of your New Year’s resolutions was “network more” or “get a profile on LinkedIn,” then this post is for you!  Actually, it’s for anyone who wants to use LinkedIn effectively so keep on reading.


Biology and Healthcare

The healthcare job market for anyone that has a degree in biology, whether we're talking higher degrees or something as simple as a college degree, is quite abundant. This means that as a professional in the field, one might be tempted at first to follow the academic career and pursue a PhD - but th...


Thomas Patrick

Job Fairs – Making the most of them

Hello everyone!Bio Careers® is presenting another Virtual Job search Summit very soon, April 3rd and 4th, 2013.I would urge each of you to attend, and take advantage of the resources available to you. Remember, the thing about job fairs is the limited time you have to get your point across, so...


Thomas Patrick

My New Year’s Message to You

Hello everyone!The Chinese have a proverb that I really like, and given that it’s the start of 2013, I wanted to encourage you with it: “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago..the next best time is today” I think we all look back at our lives and say, “if only I had got...



Got a Plan?

If you read my previous post  you know I’m a big fan of plans and being flexible about them too.  As I see many  trainees prioritizing another experiment over spending an hour to plan for their career, I thought of writing a post about how  to create your plan instead of waitin...



How is your job hunt going?

I assume that many of you reading blogs on Bio Careers are recent grads or grads-to-be, and are scanning trade journals and websites looking for that plum position. 



The 80/20 Rule Makes a Better 30/60/90-Day Plan

Are you familiar with the 80/20 Rule?  If not, I’ll tell you about it in the video below.  And then I’ll show you how you can apply it to creating a 30/60/90-Day Plan for your next job interview.And if you’re not familiar with 30/60/90-Day Plans, you are missing out—these are amazi...



Just where do you think you’re going?

We’ve all heard that question before. Even if one just answers “out,” not wanting to get into the details, it’s good to have a destination in mind. Some of you will have guessed that this is really a metaphor for life after grad school. Want another one? I saw a cartoon in the New Yorker mag...