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October 2011 Job Summit Well Attended

Bio Careers held our first Virtual Job Summit last fall, and we were gratified that the event was so well attended.  Over 600 postgraduate scientists attended, spending over 50 minutes on each of an average of 50 visits to the Summit.  Since you all love statistics, here they are for last ...



The Teamwork Divide

This spring, at the NPA Annual Meeting, I recall Randy Riboudo telling a packed room full of PhD’s and Postdocs that there are traits that employers give you full credit for, and those they worry about when it comes to highly trained technical people.Don’t worry about selling your technical skil...

Lauren Celano


Tips on Preparing for the Bio Careers® Virtual Summit

The Bio Careers® Virtual Summit scheduled on October 3rd and 4th provides graduate students, postdocs, and alumni an opportunity to learn about companies that are hiring and also gain insight from the presenters about job search tips and career strategy.  The summit provides an opportunity for...



The National Postdoctoral Association Meeting 2012

As I have previously mentioned, I am an individual member of the National Postdoctoral Association ( ), and I recently attended my third annual NPA meeting in San Francisco.  This year marked the 10th annual meeting and was wonderful due to the attention to detai...