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When I Owned My Own Business

In the year after I earned my PhD, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I am as a professional. I would introduce myself as “Sandlin, I recently earned by Ph.D. in Molecular Virology,” to people at networking events and meet with something between silence and panic. Someone gave me the...



Medical writing: uncovered

Last week, at a seminar by the CEO of a medical communications company, I finally discovered what medical writing really is!  Although I have spent a significant chunk of my academic career dedicated to writing, I hadn’t considered the possibility that this might lead to a job in itself. When...



Congrats but you are moving to the dark side…..

When the announcement came out, I knew there was no going back.  “I am pleased to announce that Marielena (Maty) Mata will be moving into a new development role in the Oncology Strategic Marketing group on July 1, 2012”.  It was a Friday afternoon and, though many of my colleagues were...



Finding My First Job as a Curriculum Writer

After I defended my PhD in 2011, it took more than a year before I had my first Real Job. It still makes me squirm to think about the gap, especially knowing what I know now: my first job was a job I had never heard of while in graduate school.



Like to write?

If you have followed some of my previous postings here on Bio Careers, then you may know that I am a freelance writer. My career path didn’t start there, however, and it took a few unforeseen twists and turns. I suppose I could say that I may not be where I’d planned to go, but I think I am wher...


Thomas Patrick

Do things that are helpful, not this.

Hello Everyone!I recently received an email that was personally upsetting to me. It was a resume and cover letter that was generated by one of those resumes “build and blast” sites that are all over the internet.It was upsetting to me, because the job seeker wasn’t getting the value he thought...

Lauren Celano


Lauren’s blog: Insights on the Job Search Process

I am passionate about career development and assisting people in making the right connections for career and personal success.  I really enjoy working with individuals who have advanced degrees and who want to make a difference through their scientific foundation and business interests.



Finding the Right Career Path

I can’t think of a witty one-liner to start off my first blog entry, so I’ll just skip that part and jump right into things. I received my BS degree in chemistry and, like most undergraduates, was unsure of what to do after college. I was unsure of the job market and of what career path I wa...



Five pros for doing a post-doc in the government

I have often been asked, “Why would you want to do a postdoc in the government?”  Now that I have been a postdoc for about a year at the National Institutes of Health, I have come up with a list of reasons for doing a postdoc in the government.


Sproul Hoverman

Volunteer Researchers Needed and Appreciated!

“Wherever a man turns he can find someone who needs him.”  ~Albert Schweitzer With a great background in biology or biomedical research, you landed a great job in consulting, advising, teaching, writing, or advocating!  However, you have to admit, in the evenings and on the weeken...