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Search from 1506 jobs

Assistant Professor, Term Neurobiology Department of Biology

University of San Francisco

San Francisco , CA

Postdoctoral Fellow

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Newark , NJ

Finite Element Analysis/Biomechanics Scientist (PhD req.)

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Frederick , MD

Faculty Position in Physical Biochemistry/Cryo-Electron Microscopy

University of California, Riverside

Riverside , CA

Post Doctoral Researcher

The Ohio State University

Columbus , OH

Computational Biologist (Research Scientist) - 213188

The Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Frederick , MD

Post Doctoral Associate - 28382

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Worcester , MA

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute and Department of Medicine Assistant

Stanford University Department of Medicine

Stanford , CA

Post Doctoral Fellowship in Natural and Physical Sciences - 67740

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Kansas City , MO

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Biopharma Research 300
Chemistry 100
Clinical Practice 142
Education 0
Entrepreneurship 0
Environmental 112
Finance and Venture Capital 62
Government Research 62
Law and Technology Management 32
Marine Science 0
Medical Devices 0
Military Research 1
Non Profit Research 57
Other 0
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Science Writing 47

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Jobseeker Testimonials

  • I went in this week and was able to upload [the resume] myself. The new system is great.

    Vanesa Dabul,
    Development Scientist/ Engineer

  • Congratulations on the excellent job. I have been checking the online rooms and I was impressed with the user-friendly layout and easy access to the information to each of the participating companies in the Online Career Fair.

    Fatos Kopliku,
    Molecular Biologist

    University of Michigan

  • The amount of advice and guidance regarding non-academic careers in there is very helpful to me.

    Assaf Vestin,
    Graduate student

    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

  • Your site is an eye opening, invaluable portal for S&E PhDs and research professionals. I have referred your site to my extensive graduate school network here at the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently in a lab management role where I conduct my own research in a gene therapy program. Your site’s posts and resources are certainly connected with the “real world” and many of its lessons should be instilled in future graduate students in the technical fields of bioscience. The information has helped me better approach a key personal career decision on whether or not to pursue a Phd. Many thanks and best wishes to your future success.

    Anthony Fargnoli,
    Research Program Manager

    University of Pennsylvania - Department of Surgery

  • I have been casually browsing Bio Careers for the last 2 years or so until fairly recently when I have started an earnest job search and began poking around more. Thanks for the great resource – I should have explored it sooner. I am sure lots of the advice, etc. will help me in the job searching process.

    Eric T. Larson,
    Senior Scientist, Structural Research

  • I am pleased to say I am already a member of Bio Careers. It is a very good job board and service. I look forward to utilizing it more in the future. Please let me know how I can help support your efforts.

    Lisan Parker,
    Business Development Manager

    GenScript Corporation

  • I have learned about the Bio Careers website through Michigan State University Career Counseling Center. I want to thank you for such a great website. It was very useful not only for job links but also for other scientific resources.

    Farhan Ahmad,
    Ph.D. student

    Michigan State University

  • On the article Your Place in the Policy Universe This is a great article. Importantly, I am looking for a place to do a doctorate in nanobioinformatics and the Founders of this site are a great start in places to look! Google did not work for me this time (which is quite rare).

    William Kraemer,


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