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Job Search: "Self-sponsored Green Card Applications: What evidence and documents do I require?"

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Description: This webinar will discuss the various types of evidence and documentation that a scientist will need to be aware of in preparing a green card application under either of the self-sponsored categories (EB-1A, Extraordinary Ability; or EB-2, National Interest Waiver). Discussion will look at potential strengths (and weaknesses) of your possible case, as well as looking towards a review of how the various aspects of one's overall body of work can be appropriate to an application, and you may be able to strengthen your claims of eligibility. Come join us and learn more about how your scientific accomplishments can help in the preparation and filing of a successful application. Brendan Delaney, of Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC will lead the webinar, which will include a review of the topics noted above, and conclude with a Q & A session. 

Bio: Brendan Delaney is a Partner at Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC, an immigration law firm based on Bethesda, MD. The firm practices immigration work exclusively, with a concentration on assisting scientists and researchers. A native of Northern Ireland, Brendan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Ulster and his J.D. from Catholic University in Washington DC. He has been with the firm since December 2000. He also currently serves on the Advisory Council of the National Postdoctoral Association, and has served as a speaker at the 2010 NPA Annual Meeting as well as numerous Legal Seminars in conjunction with the NPA.