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Job Search: "Immunizing your mind from the effects of rejection - how to go forward and win no matter what happens"

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Description: Feeling rejected by the marketplace is the worst "place" for the job seeker to be. I will share real world, practical steps to help you regain that mental and emotional edge you need to stay engaged in the process. The webinar will run 20  - 25 minutes, with the remainder of the hour devoted to fielding questions from the attendees about your specific situations..I look forward to helping move some mountains.

Bio: Tom is the owner of Patrick International, and he is dedicated to helping those in career transition. He is a certified job search coach & outplacement specialist through the Five O’Clock Club, a nationally recognized outplacement firm. Tom teaches the Five O’Clock Club job search methodology in both group and individual settings. He also speaks and blogs on the topics of job search, and career development. His specialty is helping job seekers plan and organize the beginning stages of job search, and teaching on the development of the proper mindset throughout the job search process.  Tom has been an active recruiter for over 15 years as well as a job search coach, which brings an insight into the hiring process, and a proven track record of helping people WIN at job search and interviewing. Tom is also a member of the National Career Development Association. He has experience working with Life Science professionals, as well as job seekers of all backgrounds and fields.  No matter who you are, coaching helps you WIN!