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Job Search: "How to Convert Your Academic CV to a Resume for Industry"

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Description: Resumes for Industry must be tailored to grab the attention of the reader.   We will provide details on how to prepare a professional, eye-catching resume and save yourself hundreds of dollars, not to mention land your next corporate job.

Bio: Dr. Charlotte Mitchell grew up in Denmark, and came to the US on a college gymnastics scholarship.  After graduating from Towson University, Dr. Mitchell completed a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Maryland. She went on to complete a 2 year post doctoral fellowship  at Yale University, working on asthma, allergies and lung infections, before embarking on a career as a scientific recruiter.  Charlotte has deep insight and understanding of immunology, science and academic research that most recruiters do not.  Dr. Mitchell is personable, and helpful.  One of her greatest rewards is assisting academic people in their transition to industry.  Charlotte finds that recruiting in the biopharm industry enables her to stay updated in new developments in the scientific field.  She also does part-time editing of scientific research papers in Immunology.