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Job Search: "Green Cards under the National Interest Waiver: A whole new ballgame"

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Description: While many scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are aware of the NIW Green Card process, recently a big change happened with regards to the standard for National Interest Waiver applications. The New York State Department of Transportation case (which was the standard for NIW cases since 1998) has been vacated and in it's place NIW applications will now be decided under a slightly different (new) standard. The new standard will be based on the Matter of Dhanasar and early signs show additional flexibility for applicants. This may well benefit those individuals hoping to apply for an NIW but wishing to pursue alternative, or non-traditional careers. Please join us to see how the standard may lead to a change in the adjudication process and how this may affect you.

Bio: Brendan Delaney is a Partner at Leavy, Frank & Delaney, LLC, an immigration law firm based on Bethesda, MD. The firm practices immigration work exclusively, with a concentration on assisting scientists and researchers. A native of Northern Ireland, Brendan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Ulster and his J.D. from Catholic University in Washington DC. He has been with the firm since December 2000. He also currently serves on the Advisory Council of the National Postdoctoral Association, and has served as a speaker at the 2010 NPA Annual Meeting as well as numerous Legal Seminars in conjunction with the NPA.