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Job Search: "Creating a Career Plan Outside of Academia"

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Description: Academia is a still one of the most exciting and rewarding career paths to pursue.  However, fewer and fewer scientists are able to develop this option.  Even if you’re sure you want a career in Academia, it would be wise to have a backup career plan outside of Academia. 
There are an alarming number of options for scientists outside of academia.  What are they?  How should you think about how to decide which to pursue?
Come hear some ideas presented by Nick Folger, President of Bio Careers®, the Career Hub for Postgraduate Life Scientists.

Bio: Nick Folger founded Bio Careers® in 2006. The idea for the company was sparked by a conversation with Michael Alvarez, Director of Stanford Medical School's Career Center, about the need for a multi-university jobs board and online career services for the life science community. From that initial discussion, www.biocareers.com was developed to expand career options for life scientists with advanced degrees and MDs and to connect this growing number of professionals with hiring employers.
Folger also founded Edge Sports Corporation in 2002.  Prior to Edge Sports, Folger led the Dockers® Khakis U.S. marketing team and Dockers® Europe Marketing and Sales.  Before joining Levi Strauss & Co., Folger attended Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he focused on marketing and entrepreneurship.