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Job Search: "Acing the Interview"

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Description: In this seminar, Lauren Celano will provide advice for how to succeed during an interview and will cover different interview formats including phone, Skype, in person one-on-one and panel settings. Lauren will provide insight on what hiring managers look for when conducting interviews as well as typical interview questions with examples of responses. Lauren will discuss how to prepare for skills based questions (i.e. tell me more about your cell culture experience) as well as “soft skills” questions (i.e. tell me how you work in a team, or how you show initiative). She will provide insight on why companies use behavioral interviewing and the important role of culture fit and personality fit in an interview. Lauren will also provide advice on research that a candidate can do to make sure they have relevant background information on the company and interviewers and advice on what questions to ask during an interview. She will provide guidance relevant for scientific, non-scientific, and consulting interviews.

Bio: Lauren Celano is the Founder and CEO of Propel Careers, a life science search and career development firm focused on connecting talented individuals with entrepreneurial innovative life sciences companies.  Lauren is very passionate about working with individuals with strong scientific backgrounds to find exciting growth opportunities in the life sciences industry. Through Propel, she builds relationships and provides guidance on how individuals can position themselves for their next opportunity. She also actively places individuals into positions with exciting life sciences companies. Prior to Propel Careers, Lauren was a senior account manager for SNBL USA where she worked with emerging biotech companies in Europe, Asia, and the US to help characterize and advance their drug molecules. Prior to SNBL USA, she held business development positions with Aptuit and Quintiles and worked with Absorption Systems as a marketing manager and account manager. She has a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Gettysburg College and an MBA with a focus in the health sector and entrepreneurship from Boston University.  To learn more about Propel Careers, see link:  www.propelcareers.com.