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Postdoctoral Researcher

Claremont McKenna College
Postdoctoral Researcher
This position is for a postdoctoral researcher responsible for conducting research in collaboration with Professor Patrick Ferree the W. M. Keck Science Department of the Claremont Colleges, a consortium of highly selective liberal arts institutions. This position is funded through a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, and is currently beginning the third year of the grant. The research goals are to use a combination of cytological, genetic, genomic, and molecular methods to investigate the chromatin basis of genome elimination caused by a 'selfish' B chromosome in the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis. This position is well-suited as a training experience for individuals who aspire to become a faculty member in the liberal arts (undergraduate-focused) environment.

The individual who fills this position will perform the following essential duties and responsibilities, working under the direct supervision/mentorship of Dr. Ferree and with undergraduate students in the lab:

1. Perform RNA in situ hybridization on germ line-specific transcripts (20%)

2. Investigate function(s) of candidate genes with transgenics, CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing, and/or systemic RNAi (30%)

3. Co-supervise undergraduate research students (10%)

4. Perform basic laboratory organization and insect rearing (5%)

5. Develop new lines of work related to the ongoing grant-related aims (25%)

6. Co-write manuscripts for publication (5%)

7. Help develop and maintain a course-based research website (5%)

8. Perform other essential duties and tasks specific to the position.

This position may also involve teaching a half-credit laboratory course for sophomore molecular biology majors that focuses on investigative learning through research aims of the grant. The exact percent of time on the above duties will vary depending on progression of the research aims and are subject to change as the project continues.
Qualified applicants must have a PhD in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, or Genetics or the equivalent.

They must also have a minimum of 2 years of experience in either of the following categories of biological research: (i) Structure and function of chromosomes/chromatin; (ii) developmental biology and/or genetics of a model organism.

Skills in basic molecular biology and performing genetic crosses are highly desirable. Strong candidates must have demonstrated the ability and eagerness to work in a self-driven, efficient manner.

inquiries can be made to Dr. Patrick Ferree: [email protected] However, all applicants must upload requested information through the provided URL of Claremont McKenna College Human Resources.

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6/11/2017 10:06:25 AM

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