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Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

10.15.2015 |    3,821 |   reply |
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Finish degree —> find perfect job —> live happily ever after Generally speaking this is how most of us think our professional life will go after we graduate (I know I did). Although this idea could be true, finding the path that can lead us to our dream job or to a professional goal can be a tricky thing.  It is common to have pre-conceived ideas about how we want our professional life to look like. We tend to think that as long as we know what we want the path to our professional goals will be straightforward and fairly easy to...

Tom Ruginis

10.05.2015 |    4,082 |   reply |
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Life changing decisions do not happen often. They are difficult and will require you to dig deeper into your brain, gut, and soul to find the best path towards your happiness.  I was 28 years old in 2008 when I decided that a PhD and a life as a scientist, wasn’t...
Tags: academia to entrepreneurship, from bench to entrepreneurship

Charlotte Mitchell

09.28.2015 |    4,044 |   reply |
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People are generally very happy to work with recruiters during their job search, but less happy to take a recruiter call when they are not looking for a job.  While it can be very annoying and awkward to be solicited at work for another job, many times, this is the only...
Tags: how to deal with recruiters, recruiter calling

Lamar Blackwell

09.25.2015 |    4,420 |   reply |
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An important thing that we learned to do in academia is manage how we use our time.   We are able to manage the amount of time that we allocate to any one activity.  It was probably something that we learned to do during graduate school or during our postdoctoral work....
Tags: management of time, time management

Donna Kridelbaugh

09.23.2015 |    4,720 |   reply |
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January is National Mentoring Month, which was founded by the Harvard School of Public Health. The National Mentoring Partnership was conceived to raise awareness about mentoring programs, and to recruit people to serve as role models for youth in their communities. Mentors make a positive impact on youth’s lives, and...
Tags: how to become a mentor, resources for mentoring, why is mentoring important

Thomas Patrick Chuna

09.21.2015 |    5,301 |   reply |
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The word “networking” terrifies a lot of people..jobseekers “know” they need to do it, but the prospect can be very overwhelming, especially if you think you don’t know anyone..if that’s you, here’s how to get started.  You might think my premise is silly, but I assure you, the number one excuse...
Tags: Facebook, job search, LinkedIn, networking

Maida Taylor

09.16.2015 |    3,991 |   reply |
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The pharmaceutical supply and distribution chain is increasing vulnerable to business and criminal abuses. On the micro level, there is a need to police abuse of prescription drugs through prescribing “pill mills.” On a macro level, counterfeit drugs jeopardize our ability to provide treatment to critical ill persons. On Jul...
Tags: counterfeit, crime, drugs, FDA, illegal, job

Virginie Adam

09.14.2015 |    4,133 |   reply |
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Have you ever wondered what you would’ve done if you hadn’t gone into science and gotten a PhD? When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a vet or an interior designer. More recently, I wondered if I’d have made a good urban planner or human resources manager! Over...
Tags: career, personality, skill, strength, test

Tony Fox

09.09.2015 |    4,042 |   reply |
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This is the first in a series of blog entries geared towards all the science folk out there yearning for passion within their work.  Admittedly, many are simply looking for work.  That is entirely beside the point because there is always work to be done.  After years of education or...

Andrea Habura

09.07.2015 |    4,193 |   reply |
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You’ve probably seen it; millions of people have. One of the first videos done by the animation company Animusic, Pipe Dream is a fun computer animation of a mechanical percussion orchestra, with little balls caroming off of drums and xylophone keys and cowbells before tucking themselves neatly back into funnels...

Kate Sleeth

09.04.2015 |    3,687 |   reply |
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One of my mentors once told me, that to be a productive scientist, the key was to avoid any participation in committees and organizations.  This individual is a well respected scientist and a leader in their field so I listened although I fundamentally disagree with this idea.  How are you to improve anything if you...

Michael Salgaller

08.26.2015 |    4,465 |   reply |
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Being part of a group that enjoys similar interests and shared experiences is not a recent phenomenon.  When we were younger and in school, we’d gather with those who liked playing the same sports or volunteering for the same cause. It was a chance not just to form bonds, but to...
Tags: why networking is important

Thomas Patrick Chuna

08.24.2015 |    5,161 |   reply |
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Hello Everyone!  Our topic this time is how to avoid making the hiring authority think you are an unreliable flake.  If you give that impression, all the latest fads in job search won't help you. Job search is difficult enough, without putting roadblocks in your own way. You have to remember that...
Tags: job hunting etiquette

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo

08.19.2015 |    5,108 |   reply |
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We all know that we have many more job responsibilities than the ones originally stated on the job description.  It is more and more common to see “other responsibilities” listed as a responsibility in many advertised jobs, and these can be anything that your supervisors can think of that might be...
Tags: job responsibilities

Shu Chin Ma

08.17.2015 |    4,738 |   reply |
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I will be the first one to admit that I am mighty talented when it comes to finding ways to procrastinate or frivolously waste time on a daily basis. You’d think it was an Olympic sport.  So, past the half way mark of 2015, I am finally getting around to my...

Sandlin Seguin

08.12.2015 |    5,414 |   reply |
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The truth is out there: The number of tenure track faculty positions is shrinking relative to the number of eligible candidates.  Adjuncting may be viewed as a stop gap for departments who need instructors and candidates who are timing the job market, but these positions aren’t meant to be long term....
Tags: alternative careers to academia, teaching alternatives

Andrea Habura

08.10.2015 |    4,848 |   reply |
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Nature recently published an opinion piece about the things budding 21st century scientists need in their training (  Of the seven people who contributed to the article, four emphasized the need for scientists to learn non-scientific professional and leadership skills, the sort that are not often seen in a traditional academic-research...
Tags: internships for life science

Thomas Patrick Chuna

08.05.2015 |    8,394 |   reply |
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Hello Everyone!  This time we're going to take a look at three foundational principles that will keep you organized and focused on your job search.  Anyone who has read my blogs for a long time knows that I am a firm believer in not spinning your wheels. Spinning your wheels causes anxiety,...
Tags: how to do proper job search, job search process

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