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Andrew Bennie

09.24.2010 |    19,319 |   reply |
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I have included this week’s round-up of job updates, life science career insights, and news! Regulatory, Quality and Clinical positions were the most in demand hiring roles globally in the Q2 Index, with 27.2% of all opportunities in this functional bucket. BusinessWire: ZRG Partners Global Life Science Hiring Index  R&D employment in Massachusetts grew at a greater rate than in any competitors states during the past two years. MassBio Industry 2010 Industry Snapshot  On that note, keep an eye on Lilliputian Systems in Massachusetts, which is poised to hire 50 if your background is in Clean Tech. GovMonitor  The National Cancer Institute will begin...
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Andrew Bennie

09.23.2010 |    16,252 |   reply |
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In this blog, I hope to provide the perspective of a recruitment insider.  I have worked within the life science recruitment industry for the past six years with Naturejobs, BioSpace, and now with Bio Careers.  In my varying roles, I have worked with research institutes, non-profits, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies...
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Paul McDonald

09.23.2010 |    13,460 |   3 reply |
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I feel like this is my first day at some strange group counseling session.  As everyone looks around nervously, I stand up and finally say, “My name is Paul, and I left academics to become a consultant.”  Phew, that feels better.   More and more academics are deciding that the “traditional” path...
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Larry Petcovic

09.21.2010 |    19,159 |   reply |
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HINT #1:  All science activity is linked to a scaling of scientific purpose that ranges from a simple lab task to the meaning of science in society.  Think of it as an inverted pyramid!                                                       1. Your individual tasks are activities.  Most competent scientists could list at least 100 activities.  This...
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