Do you have your list of skills and keywords on your computer?
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Submitted by Connie Hampton on Wed, 2016-10-26 02:20

You will need this list of skills and keywords so that writing your resume and online profiles is not difficult.  And you don’t need to start with a blank page!  You can use a template or format. Using a list of your skills and keywords will give you a “leg up”.

You exist in a cloud of words that describes your work life or your home life.  Some of them are overused to the point of having no meaning, like “responsible self-starter”.  Some are so specific that only someone actually doing what you are currently doing would understand. The ones from your home life do not belong on a work document meant to attract the right job.  The ones from your work life are unlikely to attract the right people to go to the concert with.

When you pull together a list of words to use,  you can focus on the right words to attract your perfect job.  So start a list.  You won’t just send it off to random people.  You will use it to select the words suitable for the occasion.  You may have PCR, qPCR or whatever comes next on your list, but you want to uses the one that the company you are applying to uses, or they won’t know what you are talking about.

Check out the lists of “fluff” words and get them off of your list.  You want to provide real “meat and potatoes” so that a hiring manager can actually see you solving his problem.  

You will use these words in your LinkedIn Profile, other online profiles and in your resumes.  Remember that a resume is NOT your whole life on 2 pages. Rather it is an advertisement designed to get you an interview at that one, particular company.  It is about how you can solve THEIR problem.  

Connie Hampton
Recruiter and Job Search Strategy Coach
Hampton & Associates, Scientific & Executive Search Services
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