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  • Why would an employer pay me the 'big bucks'?

    Debadeep Bhattacharyya
    Biopharma Research
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    When I faced the prospect of transitioning from academia to industry, I was worried about many of the stories I heard on the grapevine. First, I was concerned about trying to find a foothold in a sector where I did not have any experience. Why would an employer pay me the ‘big bucks’ when I didn’t have experience and would not be able to meet expectations? Second, coming out of a graduate school and post-doctorate research experience, my aspirations and expectations were all research-centered. Having learned the researcher’s perspective, I imagined my new job would be all “routine.” I would not be allowed to present a poster or a talk at any of my usual conferences. How could I convince the interviewer that I could keep myself motivated and committed in such a position? ...