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  • What to focus on in graduate school

    Martijn van de Mortel, Ph.D.
    Agro Research
    Skill Building
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    Learning to compute how fast an elliptical container drains was personally really thrilling, but that knowledge left my brain a long time ago and all that’s left is the memory that I could once make those calculations.  On the other hand, just this past week, I was trying to figure out Random Forest predictions and was literally so lost among all the trees that I could not see the forest anymore. I was thinking that I could have used some more statistics courses!  Taking proper advantage of your time in school can really pay dividends in your future career. The courses you take are usually determined by your program of study, knowledge building for your research, and interest in the topic. While you will only finish your degree in a reasonable timeframe if you carefully select your extracurricular courses, finding courses that expand your skill base ...