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  • Is There Life After Surgery?

    Stephen Rosen, PhD
    Job Market Context
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    It's no longer a surprise that many surgeons are reconsidering their career options. 25-40 percent of 1,302 physicians are "seriously thinking of leaving medical practice altogether1 63 percent of 1,302 physicians would not recommend clinical medicine as a career to their children2 31 percent of 1,100 young physicians (under 40) "would not become a physician again"3 surgery contains the largest portion of high earners, in a survey of 10.620 physicians, 13% of whom are surgeons4 surgery contains a disproportionate representation of burned-out physicians, based on anecdotal evidence and the following case vignettes of surgeons who consult us for "career versatility/ mobility/ renewal planning".... a successful surgeon in otolaryngology, 57 years old, says he has "had it," and retires "to be a stock broker." Diagnosis: late-career malaise. Treatment: plan for orderly, stimulating transition to retirement. a ...