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  • Success Factors for Lab Work

    Fatos Kopliku, M.S.
    Career Paths
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    I once heard a story, probably fictional, about two people locked in a library. One of them sat and waited until the doors opened, the other one picked books from the shelves and read. The moral of this simple anecdote tells us that it is not a matter of who is more intelligent, but who is more curious. Sitting and waiting is not an indication of a lack of intelligence, but of a lack of curiosity. When I visited a laboratory for the first time I felt compelled to ask questions about everything. I wanted to know the names of the devices, how they were used, what methods were applied, and how they answer various questions posed in biological sciences. Most of the knowledge we have in biological sciences comes from careful observation of experiments that are designed with the purpose of answering specific questions. It ...