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  • Social Networking for Scientists

    Ray Price, PhD
    Job Search
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    Few of us miss updating Facebook (or at least checking other folks’ updates) regularly. But does it have value outside of purely social benefits? Perhaps you could argue ‘no,’ and my life would certainly be sufficiently complete without the lost Farmville animals I’m asked to tend to, but what about for career development, professional networking, or even simple job searching? You wouldn’t be visiting the Bio Careers site if you didn’t agree with my affirmative answer to that question, but the challenge is how to use what’s out there more effectively. In the article below, I’ll discuss how companies and individuals can use social networking and review some of the sites--from broadly applicable to just for scientists--that may help you find new collaborators, share methods and data, prepare for meetings, and perhaps toot your own scientific horn a bit. Companies Pharma and Biotech companies are already trying to harness ...