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  • PUIs vs. R01s: Compare and Contrast

    Jared Young
    Career Paths
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    You’re thinking about applying for jobs at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs): colleges that focus on teaching, with less emphasis on research than the big research university you’re probably at now. You may be wondering, "What’s are PUIs like? Will I fit in there? Will I enjoy the work atmosphere?" Chances are you didn’t go to a PUI yourself as an undergrad, so you may have limited exposure to them. The best way to figure out what a PUI is like is to visit one, of course. Ideally, you’d visit a PUI where you know somebody who can show you around and answer your questions. In the meantime, here are some of the salient differences between PUIs and R01s that I have encountered: Life in smallville When it comes to overall atmosphere, small colleges differ from big universities ...