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  • Moving On From Academia

    Sadhana Chitale, Ph.D.
    Law and Tech Management
    Changing Careers
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    When I first decided to pursue a career in research, I always knew that my life would involve long hours in the laboratory, a lot of reading and lots of ups and downs as far as the research went.  I did not imagine that those long hours would also involve writing grants and worrying about how and when the next funding for the research would come from.  Additionally, I had a growing discontent about the usefulness of my work.  Would this bit of research on the folding of a protein ever benefit anyone?  I knew that if every scientist begins to think this way, there would be no advances ever because it’s when all these tiny nuggets of information come together that big discoveries are made, but somehow my discontent remained. I then thought about what else I could do that and would give me satisfaction ...