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  • Make friends- get your dream job

    Ann Field, PhD
    Job Search
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    One key piece of any job search is networking.  Ask just about anyone “How do I find a job?” and the answer will be “Networking.”  But what is a network and how do you form one?   Networking is one of the most important skills you can cultivate to be successful.  Fortunately, it’s also simple.  The essence of networking is two words.  Make friends.  I got my first-ever paid job because my elementary school friend’s mom ran a catering company and needed a busboy for the summer.  I heard about it because my friend mentioned it at school.  I said I was interested, and that was it. I was hired.  This may seem like a very simple example, but it’s how people are hired every day.   When I was completing my undergraduate degree, I wanted ...