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  • How to Switch Careers in a Recession

    Aida Baida Gil, PhD
    Job Search
    Advice for Scientists
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    Does the idea of changing careers during a recession scare you? Most people will tell you how difficult it is, that you'd better wait for a better time. Yes, finding a job might be more difficult now. However, if you do nothing and let others hold you back, you’ll never find yourself in that promising new career. The bright side is that because most people think it's almost impossible to change jobs in a downturn, they don't even try, and so you’ll have more opportunities. I know several people who had to look for a new job during this recession, and, in spite of being scared because their peers told them that they should play it safe, they landed a new job because they just didn't listen to the naysayers. So, don't let anyone tell ...