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  • How to Leave a Job with Class Once You Know It's Over

    Deborah Prussel
    Job Search
    Advice for Scientists
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    What do you do when your current job or career becomes a nightmare? Your crystal ball sees another round of downsizing around the corner? Or you're offered your dream job at twice the salary? (Okay, that one's easy: Take it!) Knowing when to leave your present job isn't always as easy as it might seem. Sometimes you'll notice telltale signs that scream, "Hey, pack up your desk, it's time to start looking." At other times, the signals won't be so obvious. Recognizing the signs and responding appropriately will preserve your sanity and finances. When It's a Company Problem If your company's tanking, you know it's time to go. If layoffs are happening across the board or within your department, you'll definitely want to spend some quality time at WetFeet. If there's a takeover in progress that promises ...