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  • How to bolster your business credentials

    Leo Kim, Ph.D
    Advice for Scientists
    Skill Building
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    Over-qualified but under-experienced When scientists brave business-related job markets, one of the most common barriers they face is the so-called “over-qualified but under-experienced” paradox. It is great that you got your Ph.D., but the higher-education to which you devoted your 20’s can hamper your chance of career transition, since it may bear little relevance to what you wish to accomplish in consulting, finance and business. Plus, that pesky little acronym after your name can scare off potential employers, because, while it raises your expectation and HR’s, many functions in such industries can be filled by cheaper, more “manageable” college graduates. So, how can you convince your interviewers that you do have what it takes to succeed beyond the lab bench?Record SpeaksWords are cheap, actions speak. You can talk all you want about how smart ...