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  • How and Why Government Universities and Industry Create Domestic Labor Shortages of Scientists and High-Tech Workers

    Eric Weinstein
    Job Market Context
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    Introduction: Are Shortages of U.S. Technical Workers Being Deliberately Created By Government Market Interference? Long term labor shortages do not happen naturally in market economies. That is not to say that they don't exist.They are created when employers or government agencies tamper with the natural functioning of the wage mechanism. To get an idea of expert opinion on this topic, consider the 1990 testimony of Dr. Michael S. Teitelbaum, later to become Vice-Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and considered by many, the foremost expert on the migration of the highly skilled: "...the very phrase itself, labor shortage'' provokes puzzlement or amazement among most informed analysts of U.S. labor markets." "[To attract] workers, the employer may have to increase his wage offer. ... So when you hear an employer saying he needs immigrants to fill a labor ...