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  • Graduate School: A Competence Training Ground

    Daniel J. Haders, PhD
    Skill Building
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    I have found that there was very little about graduate school and earning a Ph.D., which has not been useful in my career. The most important skills that I learned have become tools that enable me to effectively manage large projects, solve problems, develop collaborations and communicate my ideas. However, since leaving graduate school I have also found that graduate engineering schools and students should be proactive in developing a number of skills and knowledge bases that are overlooked by most curriculums. Growing up, I never had a problem thinking big and asking big questions. However, the process of earning a Ph.D. taught me how to manage large and complicated questions. In short, I learned how to take a big question, and: a)    Break it down into manageable questions/tasks b)    Prioritize each task/question so that each answer would inform the next task c)    Define and obtain the resources and knowledge that ...