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  • A Foreign Language Called Legalese – First Days of Law School Demystified

    Lila Hope, Ph.D.
    Job Search
    Working in the US
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    My first class in law school was Civil Procedure, taught by the ever-so-engaging Professor Carrington.  Sitting in the front row eager to catch his every whisper, I almost leapt from my seat when he strode into the classroom at the top of the hour, silver-haired and bright-eyed, casebook under his arm, a colorful bow tie tucked under his chin to match the smile on his face ...  The magic, however, pretty much ended there.   When it was time to gather my books to head to the next class, I had the strange feeling that I’d understood every word uttered in class, but not a single sentence.  The worst part was that I’d spent most of the last hour trying to decipher whether the key concept of the day, “due process,” was supposed to be a verb or a noun.  I shook my head.  Having just earned ...